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Why choose Vade as your Web Hosting Provider

Personal Service

You won't be dealing with a helpdesk who will pass you to the next person at the first chance given. The first person you talk to will also be the last person you talk to. Our staff takes total ownership of your order, your package, or your problem. At Vade, you are not just another customer.


Vade has been in operation since the beginning of 2005. Our aim then and our aim now is to provide the best support possible and to have the happiest customers in the industry.

No other company would stop accepting customers to ensure that their existing customer base was well looked after and remained as happy as possible.


Our support staff rotate through tasks. The same people who answer your emails are the same ones who maintain our servers, configure the different applications, and build out the new systems. No where else would you get such direct access to the people that know the business best.


We take the quality of our services very seriously. Our servers are based in Ireland to give the fastest speeds. Our team proactively monitor and fix any problems that show up, and we regularly listen to our customers to see where we can improve (Click here to find out more).


Our core servers are spread throughout multiple physical locations for redundancy. Everything is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with an on call engineer available to fix things should anything go wrong.

Our servers are all tightly controlled and have given us an uptime well above 99.99% for the past four years INCLUDING MAINTENANCE.


We don't name numbers like 99.9% or 99.99% (find out why) but we do say that if your site is offline because of us, for any reason, you can claim credits. No other host offers this!

You'll never be cut off immediately for going over your limits such as the bandwidth transfer allowance. We understand that different things can happen that can cause spikes in usage and we adapt to your needs.

Support tickets will be replied to within a max of 2 hours during business hours, or a max of 12 hours outside of business hours.