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Web Hosting Information Guide

What services do a web hosting company provide?
The first, and pretty much the most important question that needs to be answered is What is web hosting and what does it mean to me? Simply put, a web hosting service is a place for individuals or organisations to make their own websites or web based applications available on the internet. A web hosting company provides and manages space on a server that is connected to the internet.

Most packages these days will come with email hosting as standard offering little or no value to having a separate email hosting package.

Once you have your webspace and your email sorted, you then need to have a domain name in order to identify yourself online. For an Irish company, a .ie domain is almost a must, while having a .com is more recognised on an international level. You can always point both at the exact same site without problems giving the best of both worlds.

With the three core items sorted, you then need to decide on what package suits your needs best. While you cannot always predict what you will need in the next year, the best recommendation is that if you think you will use 85 percent of a package specifications, pick the next one up.

We have compiled a list of the most common web hosting terms you will see. For further information, our FAQ section is another good place to look.

Space:   Space is the amount of disk space allocated to your site(s). At Vade your webspace and email space coexist in this space.
Monthly Transfer/Bandwidth:   This is the amount of data you are able to transfer each month. This figure includes website hits, ftp transfers, mail transfers, and any other interactions you have with your website.
Email POP/IMAP/SMTP:   This figure represents the total number of individual mailboxes you can have on any one account. The POP and IMAP servers are used to retrieve your mail in your client, where as the SMTP servers are used for sending mail. We do not count mail aliases against this figure.
Webmail:   This is a web based mail client for accessing your email on the go through a web browser. We have multiple clients available, with one hopefully suiting your needs.
FTP / File Transfer Protocol   FTP programs are what you use to upload your website. We do have a fully web based ftp program inside our control so it is not totally necessary, but you will find it much faster than the web version.
PHP/Perl   These are two scripting languages supports as standard on all our hosting packages.