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Customer Testimonials

Here at Vade, you the customer are our first priority. We work very hard to answer all queries in a timely manner, but we work even harder to try to ensure you do not have any queries in the first place.

We pride ourselves on the level of service that we give to our customers. Here are some of the things they have had to say.

"I stay with Vade for 2 reasons: the customer support and the price. The customer support team is fast, helpful and patient. They never make me feel stupid for asking "dumb" questions and the personal service makes a huge difference. Vade is not like some hosting companies where you feel that you're dealing with an impersonal team of people who don't really care about your problems. "

Sarah -

"Vade have always provided me with fast, attentive, and efficient service. Whenever I have approached them with queries, I have been met with an immediate, personal response, offering as much time and attention as I needed. I have always felt that my business, though small, is of value to the company and that they genuinely want to help. They have provided me with the service that I, as an individual, require."

Chris - Bare Witness Theatre

"I have had three of my web sites hosted with VADE over the past 2 years and would recommend them highly. The quality of Customer Service and Technical Support is second to none: any query that I send to VADE is usually answered within the next 5/10 minutes, or max half an hour, which is truly amazing! VADE's hosting prices are competitive and even though you might find cheaper hosting packages out there, you will never get such a high quality Technical Support with another company. VADE has made my life as a Webmaster easier and I am 100% satisfied with their services."

Mélanie, Webmaster, National Association of Travellers' Centres,

I must say that during the course of our business we deal with many hosts from various different countries aswell as a major host in the UK which continually win awards for their customer service etc however Vades customer support is far superior to any other support I have received.

On both occasions Ive contacted yourselves ive found you to be quick and efficient with your replies and also on both occasions I think you went over and above what would normally be expected of you.

Craig - Internet Influence

We have been with Vade for more than 3 years now and would highly recommend them. The services they offer are straight forward and very user friendly. The response to an issue is always efficient, to the point and genuine.

David - Cully Automation

I have been a customer of Vade for 7 years, and can't recommend them highly enough - superb service and excellent technical support (on the few occasions required!)

Brian Dunleavy

I have found VADE to be excellent in both their knowledge, their ability to respond and their ability to deliver.

Chris - Boardmatch Ireland

I'm very happy with the service, Stephen has made my life easier!

Helen - Ardgillan College

Vade is great! Thank you for excellent service provided. Will definitely recommend this company to my business partners and friends.
Glad to be one of your customers.

Ruslans - 2 Traders

We are extremely happy with the service we receive from Vade. If ever we have a query there’s always someone to help us out, and promptly too.

Thanks Vade!

Vicky - Young Christian Workers

I have been hosting some of my websites with Vade for over a year now, and I have only praises for their customer support team. Any time I have had any problems or queries, the matter was solved surprisingly promptly. Vade's is truly the fastest and most user friendly support team I have ever come accross in over ten years of hosting website with various companies in Ireland and abroad.

Christophe Mouze - Sati Yoga ::: Macalla Farm