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Customer Testimonials

Here at Vade, you the customer are our first priority. We work very hard to answer all queries in a timely manner, but we work even harder to try to ensure you do not have any queries in the first place.

We pride ourselves on the level of service that we give to our customers. Here are some of the things they have had to say.

"I stay with Vade for 2 reasons: the customer support and the price. The customer support team is fast, helpful and patient. They never make me feel stupid for asking "dumb" questions and the personal service makes a huge difference. Vade is not like some hosting companies where you feel that you're dealing with an impersonal team of people who don't really care about your problems. "

Sarah -

"Vade have always provided me with fast, attentive, and efficient service. Whenever I have approached them with queries, I have been met with an immediate, personal response, offering as much time and attention as I needed. I have always felt that my business, though small, is of value to the company and that they genuinely want to help. They have provided me with the service that I, as an individual, require."

Chris - Bare Witness Theatre

We have been with Vade for more than 3 years now and would highly recommend them. The services they offer are straight forward and very user friendly. The response to an issue is always efficient, to the point and genuine.

David - Cully Automation

I'm very happy with the service, Stephen has made my life easier!

Helen - Ardgillan College

Since moving my hosting to Vade I have been extremely happy with the personal customer service received. I was previously with a large American Host company with zero time for the small customer, zero customer service and 5 times the price. I received fantastic technical help from Stephen, who to be fair usually replied within minutes. A great hosting package at a great price with top class customer service.
Well Done Vade

Richard - Clare Athletics