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Web Design Starter Package

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You have heard of the benefits of getting your business online, but are worried about the cost? Well this package is for you.

This package provides everything you with a professionally designed, color customised website containing up to 3 individual pages and a contact form with integrated Google Maps to display your location.

What's included:

What does it cost?
Only €175, and no, that isn't a typo!
Further more, if you choose web hosting with us and are a limited company registering a domain name, we will even give you a whole 1 years free web hosting. Your total cost would then be €200, and only €55 per year thereafter.

Choosing the hosting means a quicker setup time as well as an unlimited number email accounts with addresses using your own domain name e.g.

But I need more!
We have more package options that will cover you:

What happens once I order?
The process begins once you have picked your domain name and paid the initial deposit, usually 50%. From there we start by collecting the following set of information.

  1. The first thing we need is a copy of any company branding items you may have. Anything ranging from a business card, to headed notepaper, to a magazine advert you previously ran. This helps us establish the overall color scheme for the site.
  2. Depending on your business, we may send through a short questionnaire to get a feel of your market, your customer targets, and the direction you are taking your company. These are all important for establishing the overall feel of the site as well as establishing how casual or formal you want the site to appear.
  3. You compile the text of for the pages on your website into digital format. This includes things like an About Us section, or a What We Do section. The choice is yours. Text can be changed later in the process, but it really helps to get a rough outline together at this stage.
    Should you need help writing content, we can arrange that too for an additional fee.
At this point we can book the site into our development cycle and give you date for the initial draft. Depending on the schedule, it can take 1-2 weeks for the initial framework to be completed. This will give you an overall image of what some of the pages will look like on the site after your branding has been applied.

After you sign off on the design, we move forward with completing the rest of the pages. If you have taken web hosting with us then you will usually be able to see your site online within a day or two, although it can take a further week for us to complete all the backend and Search Engine Optimisation work.

The site goes live to the public upon payment of the outstanding balance. We will then submit your site to all the search engines and to Google Maps so people can find you. It is important to note that it takes time for sites to appear in the search engine indexes, although we are happy to discuss the setup of marketing campaigns to speed up the process, and to further increase your sites visibility.