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Vade's Custom Control Panel

Here at Vade we aim to fulfill all of our customer requests. So when we were deciding on a control panel for our hosting platform, we started to see some very big restrictions with all the commercial options out there. Where these platforms can satisfy 90% of customer requirements, we aim full 100% coverage, so designing our own control panel was the only logical step.

Control Panel Feature List

Account Utilities
Users can manage the different features on their account, from passwords, to MySQL Databases, to adding password protection to directories on the web.
  • Change your password
  • MySQL Databases
  • Website Password Protection
  • Subdomains
  • Backup / Restore Website
  • Set your default webmail client
  • Setup quota alerts
Web Applications (oneClick installer)
Note: This list is added to on a semi regular basis so may not be accurate. We are always willing to add new applications at the request of a customer as well.
This feature allows users to install applications with only one click of the mouse. Choose your application, choose its destination, click install. Done. It really is that simple. Mail Manager
Users can create mailboxes, assign them space quotas, setup catch-all email addresses, mail aliases and forwarding, configure a folder for messages marked as SPAM to go to, and setup fully custom spam trigger levels as well as white and black lists.
  • Manage Aliases
  • Manage Mailboxes
  • Manage Spam Filtering
FTP Manager
Users can add, delete, and manage ftp accounts from here. They can even set which directory will be the home directory for each new user.

DNS Manager
Users can add, delete, or modify records for their domains.

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